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Why the Rainbow Centre?

The City Of Sudbury Is Building A Downtown Library And Art Gallery. These Are The Reasons Why It Should Be Located Within The Rainbow Centre.

tax dollars

The Rainbow Centre is Downtown Sudbury's largest tax paying contributor and is the real estate leader in the Downtown core.

master plan

The City of Sudbury's Downtown Master Plan outlines plans to improve the Rainbow Centre as part of the Elm Street corridor revitalization.


The existing accommodations and amenities of the Rainbow Centre will provide Library and Art Gallery patrons with access to food, retail shopping, fitness, theatre, collaborative services and more.


The cost of constructing the Downtown Library and Art Gallery within the Rainbow Centre will be significantly less than building at any other downtown location.


The parking facilities at the Rainbow Centre are nearing completion on a multi-million dollar refurbishment. There are over 900 parking spaces, the most of any single Downtown site.


The Rainbow Centre is located in the heart of Sudbury, along the main downtown artery which is Elm Street, and directly across from the City's main bus terminal.

amount of taxpayer dollars spent per square foot

  • 25+ retail stores & food vendors
  • 900+ parking spaces
  • 140+ modern hotel rooms
  • 24/7 security

Rainbow Centre


New Build

the vision

To create a one-stop cultural and services hub, right in the Heart of Sudbury.